I’m doing a Music program next week for our teen/tween time and as I was trying to grab some books to push on them. I discovered that all the music focused YA book lists I could find were about classical, rock, or maybe show tunes and punk rock. And While books like Nick and Norah’s infinite Playlist and So Punk Rock (and Other ways to disapoint your mother) will be at my program, so will the following:

after tupac and d fosterAfter Tupac & D Foster, By Jacqueline Woodson

gangsta rapGangsta Rap, By Benjamin Zaphaniah

harlemhustleHarlem Hustle, By Janet McDonald

hip hop storyA Hip Hop Story, By Heru Ptah

sistermischiefSister Mischief, By Laura Goode

And just for fun some nonfiction:

spoken%20word%20revolutionThe Spoken Word Revolution (Slam, Hip Hop & Poetry of a New Generation)

can't stop won't stopCan’t Stop Won’t Stop, by Jeff Chang

This blog is a place holder until I can read them all. I would be STOKED for other suggestions! Please comment.