As the summer craziness started I realized a need a display that takes less day-to-day up keep. A friend of mine posted a photo of a very similar book display to my facebook wall, which has since been swallowed into the belly of the facebook beast, but I still remembered the gist: mustaches!

2013-06-15 09.58.03

Instead of my usual themes where when the books get chosen and new ones need to be added, I need to rack my brain for the type of book featuring a certain kind of character; I just choose any old book with a face on it and then tape a mustache over it!

2013-06-15 09.57.52

I, of course couldn’t, just leave it THAT easily… if I was going to do a simple display concept it had to be an intricately hairy mustache. I shredded some black paper and went at it- for hours- like a crazy person.

2013-06-15 09.57.31

And just in case my book covers cause some facial hair envy, I have some take home mustaches for them too (an idea I totally stole from pinterest).

2013-06-15 09.57.38