Last week to celebrate Man of Steel I threw a super hero party!

I started out with some stickers they colored in (both coloring sheet and colored in versions available at

Then I had then fill out super hero registry cards:


(which you can find here), they’re funny enough, but don’t really allow for folks to truly imagine the super hero they would be. I found these sheets after the program and would probably use them instead if I could do it again.

I saw this image on pinterest, and knew that’s what I wanted to do as my big craft.


I like this craft because it could be a bow tie for more masculine crafters, and can be a hair bow for the femme. It wasn’t linked to a tutorial so I had to figure out how to do it on my own. We have  a button maker, so I whipped up a bunch of super hero emblem buttons. Then I went and watched a tutorial made by a (former) teen I worked with in a queer theatre program in Chicago. Here’s her great video on how to make a no sew bow tie:

To make it a little simpler I used felt, so that they didn’t have to worry about hemming it. They loved it! I was really impressed by how creative they got, instantly they were using 2 colors on each tie, and making belts and wrist bands. Here’s a photo of all the kids who made wrist bands.


I also had created a skyline on the ground using masking tape, so we could do photos inspired by oneeyeclick photography. Here’s a few high lights:





There was also a video game set up from them to play, and we ended with the Avengers (I KNOW Superman is DC and the Avengers are Marvel, but we voted and THEY choose to switch publishing companies), but those things are a lot less fun to blog about.