I made a zine (a self made and published b&w xeroxed magazine) in my early 20’s, which you can download from zinelibrary.info (I also have a million copies and will send you one if you want). It was a long overdue outpouring of my thoughts experiences and rage of dealing with an ableist world while being dyslexic. Making it was pure therapy and, and I still get emails from people that I made think about ableism/that are also dyslexic and totally relate to my story; making that zine was one of the best things I’ve spent time doing.

So one of the first first groups I reached out to was Zine Fest Houston. I didn’t want to bring zines to my teen’s attention just because of my gratifying experience,  zine culture is such a great thing for young adults to be introduced to! The basic idea anyone who has an idea they want to share should make a zine, which is low cost, and then distribute it far and wide (and trade it for someone else’s zine!).

Luckily for me Zine Fest Houston was looking to do more outreach in the Houston community this year, so we were both equally excited about them coming to do a program with my teens! This past Monday Stacey and Maria came all the way to Aldine and lead a fun and relaxed program with some zine history (dating back to early America!), and then teaching us how to make a booklet using one sheet of paper!

Teach Beside Me has a tutorial of how to make a one pager:

folded book

click on the image to go to the website with written instructions and all

We also had a number of supplies for the teens to decorate their zine with, the supplies that the Zine Festers suggested: glue sticks, scissors, rulers, stamps + ink pads, white printer paper, collage materials (magazines, photos etc.), sharpies/pens/pencils, tape, stapler, printer, type writer (possibly)- I think we had everything but the type writer!

Then we just listened to music and created.

zinefest1 zinefest2 zinefest3