So after we had completed our Houston Art Car Parade art cart (what? I never blogged about it? ruh roh… see it here) APE (Aldine Project Experience, a group of teen volunteers that work on artistic projects together) had to decide what our next project would be. As I had ripped down the dated movie posters that littered the YA space upon my arrival at this branch I set the parameters of our next project to decorating the YA space. We mulled it over, and brain stormed many cool ideas, but we could only do one: or could we!?

A large contingent of the group wanted to do cosplay, and another part of the group wanted to take photos inspired by vadering and DBZ style Japanese school girls. And then I suggested we could  do cosplay and take cool fixed photos. So we did! Since my library doesn’t have  a “budget” and I didn’t want kids to have to supply their own costumes (not every teenager can afford it) I wanted us to create our costumes during APE meetings. They were given cardbord, adhesive, cloth, paint, and a few weeks. They made sheilds, swords, claws, animal ears, helmets… and probably more…

On the day of the “shoot” my plan had been to use the background replacing feature in Mac’s Photobooth application- but for some reason neither I nor my kids could make it work. So I said I’d just photoshop in the forest backgrounds we had wanted. Then, since I was already going to photoshop the pics, the teens decided I could put in energy bolts and swirling energy also…

I did my darnest with my mimimal skills, others have assured me they look “cool” or “good;” I hope, dear reader, that you agree. The first 5 are what we’re going to make into posters (already sent them to the printers), the rest are almost good enough.

fireboltbattle  sebig vforce


EVfirebolt groupshot maura Vwins

Ultimately I would like to be able to have photo editing as as element of what I do with APE; but our present technological limitations make that nearly impossible. I’ll settle for their excitement over what they did and I edited. Vee, the winner of the epic battle (as pictured above), got so stoked about the idea of people seeing the pictures and then seeing her in the library she gushed for a good minute.

All in all it was a lot of fun and harnessed different types of creativity from all of us. I highly recommend Cosplay photos!

I was even in 3, check out my pink ears!

I was even in 3, check out my purple ears!