I was just talking to my friend yesterday about how this blog is ALL ORIGINAL CONTENT, and then this list was tweeted to me. It’s pretty comprehensive, and has more titles then I was going to include in my YA trans book list (I have been musing about for months). So, I figured I’d better link to it!

I am still going to make my own list, and still plan on having this blog be mostly original content. But there are some things a solo blogger can’t do as well as a publication with staff and free lancers. So sometimes I will reblog, for the benefit of you, dear reader.

I’m going to include a comment made by Sara D in the body of this post: “It’s probably worth mentioning that I’ve read at least two reviews of Brian Katcher’s Almost Perfect by trans* reviewers (Jack Radish via PrettyQueer and…I can’t find the other review right now, but I know it exists) who say it’s not recommended for trans readers. The narrator is the trans character’s shitty transphobic boyfriend/love-interest, and these particular readers found reading from his perspective to be gross and triggering.”

When reading the description of this book it always hit me as WEIRD and problematic sounding. But a queer teen I know recommended it and it won all those awards, so I thought I’d read it to see what I thought. Another reason NOT to reblog, you can’t vouch for everything on a list you don’t make. Please be aware of issues with that title before reading or using it.