I initially decided to do a Doctor Who program because two of my regular teens were HUGE Doctor fans. But you plan out Summer Reading MONTHS before you do them in my library system, and by the time my program rolled around my Doctor nerds had phased out of coming to the library. So I, someone who had never watched more then one episode of the British Sci Fi institution, had to create a Doctor Who program for youngins who had knew even less then I did!

I turned to social media! The first idea I read was to play pin the bow tie on the Doctor, and I did that (as pictured above), please feel free to use the poster I made with his bow tie edited out and dotted lines outlining it here. On Pinterest I found The BBC’s Doctor Who website has many from printables, the ones I utilized most were the masks. I created an introductory power point with my two favorite Doctor Who overview youtube videos (this one and this one), and a game I created using the masks. It was called “guess the baddy,” wherein the there’s picture of different Doctor Who monsters and the first kid to correctly guess it’s name (I had 3 options) won that monster’s mask. Feel free to use or borrow from the Power Point.

The other help I got from the social medias was from my Doctor Who nerdy friends! They suggested a few fun introductory episodes, and I went with The Beast Below (season 5) which fairly quickly explains a lot of the Doctor Who wheel house, because it’s the 2nd episode for that companion; and Blink (season 3) which is scary and delightful, and introduces a GREAT monster to work with: The Weeping Angels.

Weeping angels are “quantum locked” so they can only move when you’re not looking at them. My friends suggested I play red light/green light with the teens, which I thought was so creative and completely original, but I later found out at the the county wide YA librarian’s meeting that there was already a thing called “weeping angel tag.” However I think the red light/green light angle is, in fact, original. The way we played was everyone but “The Doctor” put on weeping angel masks and were “The Angels.” The Doctor stood on one side and The Angels stood on the other, we turned off the lights (in our meeting room A LOT of light still seeps in from the closed doors, if yours doesn’t I would recommend dimming the lights to near darkness) and The Doctor held a flash light. When the light was off The Angels could move towards The Doctor, but when The Doctor turned their flashlight on The Angels have to freeze, if The Doctor catches you moving you have to go back to the beginning. When an angel tags The Doctor they got to be the next Doctor and we start all over again, it was tons of fun!

I tried to take a photo of the angels creeping at me but my teens hate my having cohesive photos for this blog and put on other monster masks (not really, it just would have been cooler with only Weeping Angel masks).