Here is the first in a semi short series of programs from the summer that I didn’t get to blog at the time… This program was called “from point A to point B” and was all about the kids making and racing transportation devices. One of the first things I learned during this program is that photographing the awesomeness of paper airplanes  is a bit futile. To set up I measured out the room by 2′ intervals, and made a bullseye, so we could test both longevity and accuracy:

IMG_1391 IMG_1394

Next I had instructions for the transportation devices we were going to make. I found this long sheet of instructions for paper airplanes on pinterest. I think that was easily the best part of the program, I wanted everyone to try different airplanes and see which folds made them fly further or higher, or right into the middle of a goal. And that level of experimentation and competitiveness made the afternoon hella fun! They tried different designs, made up their own, and did a lot of skill sharing.


The next 2 projects we worked on were marshmallow shooters (both for regular and mini mallows) and model cars (2 wheelers and 4 wheelers), I found both on pbs’ Design Squad Nation which is a treasure trove of fun science making fun! Now, I just plum forgot to take photos of the marshmallow shooters, both in action and how they looked, I do have a little pic of the marshmallow carnage on race track. And the truly sad news was that the model cars didn’t work! We had a few different teams, with teens of all ages, and none of us could figure out how to make them work! Which is further proof: alway always ALWAYS test the crafts out first (except when you don’t have time during the summer, and then get those teens through the failure, like me…) They looked cool though!

IMG_1404 IMG_1409