Ok! So I had 2 Harry Potter themed events this summer, partially because of scheduling difficulties, partially because there’s no such thing as too much Harry Potter! My first event I sorted all the kids into different houses and they each got their house’s pins (omg, get a button maker! I made a button for nearly every program, and my teens all have them pinned to their backpacks this fall!), and we made wands, played a little trivia and watched the 3rd movie- it was fun.

But the true wizard world magic came to my library when the Sam Houston Quidditch team came and taught us to play! The International Quidditch League is a fantastic organization of Harry Potter nerds who just want to get together and nerd out playing a fictional sport: it is the best organization next to the ALA. And when I contacted the Texas regional chair member she was excited about bringing a team out to teach the youth about the game! There are teams all over the world I would recommend finding a team near you next time you’re Pottering out!

It was a hot Texas summer day, but thanks to the team’s enthusiasm we all had a great time!

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