While doing a program after a tv game show isn’t my usual style, minute to win it seemed too fun not to give into. You can find TONS of blog posts (I mainly used this one and this one, there’s more on my minute to win it pinterest board), and the actual TV show website has how to’s also!

Most of what I needed for this program we either already had or could buy for very cheep, and it took very little pre program time (which is pretty ideal for this budget-less and stressed out librarian). This program was also the most fun for setting up with my teen volunteers, I hadn’t had a chance to test them all out so I put a teen in charge of each table (each of which had 4ish games, and an ipad because I thought the timer on the ipad looked the coolest). So the volunteers all tried them out and we created realistic goals (some games had WAY to difficult of goals, so we lowered them), so we were having a blast before we even started the program!

Here’s the games we played:

Breakfast Scramble:

You cut the front of cereal boxes into 16 even pieces, and the players have to reassemble (IN UNDER A MINUTE!)

IMG_1390 IMG_1392

A Bit Dicey:

In this game you put a “craft stick” (or a “tongue depressor” or a “large popsicle stick”) in your mouth, and on the other side you stack 6 dice (IN UNDER A MINUTE!)

IMG_1369 IMG_1370 IMG_1377

Candy Elevator:

In this game you need to have pre glued or taped together 2 pencils and attached string to their ends. When playing you put the string around your ears, put a piece of candy on it, and pull the the candy up to your mouth with the string. Be warned this program is A LOT harder then it looks! (Oh, and I think y’all got the point: that these games get played in less time then 60 seconds, so I’ll stop saying “IN UNDER A MINUTE!” now)

IMG_1329 IMG_1386

Face The Cookie:

For this game you start with a cookie on your forehead and with out using your limbs you end with it in your mouth.

IMG_1337 IMG_1358 IMG_1387

Play it by Ear:

Beforehand you put pennies in identical soda cans (or you can do like I do and cover them in duct tape…) in integers of 5, 5-45 and mark each on the bottom. Then during the game the player puts the cans in order by sound and feel from least to most filled with pennies.

IMG_1363 IMG_1366

Noodling Around:

In this game you have 3 pieces (we decided 6 was too hard) of penne pasta on a table top, and with a piece of spaghetti in your mouth you have to pick them all up.

IMG_1332 IMG_1343 IMG_1364

This blows:

Before hand for this one you put a piece of tape down so that it’s a line near the edge of the table. When playing you line 10 cups up on the piece of tape, then blow up a balloon and you use the air from that balloon to blow the cups off the line.

IMG_1393 IMG_1395 IMG_1396

Defying Gravity:

Shout out to all the musical theater nerds who dig this activity’s name! For this game the player has to keep 3 balloons up at the same time (another game that’s harder then it seems).

IMG_1340 IMG_1345 IMG_1355

Elephant March:

This game is actually fairly easy, but too hilarious not to do. The player puts panty hose that has a baseball (or in my case a heavy roll of tape) down one leg, over their head. Then using the ball at the end of the the panty hose you have to knock over 6 water bottles.

IMG_1326 IMG_1403 IMG_1408

Stack Attack:

Using 36 cups the player needs to make a pyramid.

IMG_1362 IMG_1375 IMG_1376

Movin’ on Up:

Be sure the cups you buy come in 2 colors, make 2 stacks 1 with each color and then switch the top cups so there’s a purple cup at the top of the green cups and a green cup at the top of the purple cups (or whatever color cup you have). The player then has to move this top cup to the bottom of the stack and then back up to the top by moving each cup one at a time.

IMG_1316 IMG_1336 IMG_1344

I forgot to take a photo of the score board I made, but it’s just a basic grid with the game names along the bottom, and the player names along the side. I let them check a game off if they completed it, and as long as supplies lasted and there wasn’t a long wait I let them try games as often as they wanted.

We had A LOT of fun, and it didn’t take a lot out of me to do it before hand: I highly recommend Minute to Win it Programs!