9780805093001As a patron returned this book she told me I HAD to read it, “it is so cute!” As a lover of cute things I could not resist. Lo and behold it was also something I could write about here!

It’s a story about a horsefly and a Honeybee (surprise!) who both try and take a nap in the same flower. When the bee falls onto the horsefly already sleeping they fight horribly, each ripping off one of the other’s wings. Then they both angrily walk a way from each other. AND THEN they both individually get captured by a frog who places them both on a lily pad, since neither can fly and cannot get a way, and goes to find more food.

In their fear they embrace each other, and then they realize that they can use their 2 wings together to fly a way. They land in the same flower, and find that it has enough room for them both to take a nap in.

I thought this book was a good metaphor for how the state pits oppressed groups against each other so they do not combined forces and fight against said state. Granted a frog is not a perfect metaphor for the government, but 2 bugs fighting one another for a tiny piece of the earth instead of working together against a common enemy is. I found the ending very exciting, and thought it would be a great way to have conversations about coalition building and solidarity work with young children.