Parody movie teaser #2: Storyboarding with teens!

You may be asking, dear reader, what IS a storyboard? Lemme tell ya! Storyboards are like little comics you draw to plan out your movie before you shoot it. It helps you figure out angles, shots, actor’s physical relationships to each other- we didn’t have enough time to storyboard every scene in the movie, but when we did it went way smoother because we had a guide of the scene to refer to.

To explain storyboards to my teens I turned to youtube, and found a really great resource: First Light Movies. This video is funny (even judgmental teens thought so) and informative (I don’t even know why I gave an introduction to storyboards when this video will explain it better!)

First light is an AMAZING resource explaining the basics of film making. Their how to page has a ton of links and downloads to help any movie making project get started, I utilized their free storyboard download and we were ready to roll.

an empty storyboard jpg from http://www.firstlightonline.co.uk/how-to/

an empty storyboard jpg from http://www.firstlightonline.co.uk/how-to/

So here’s the script version of our Cornucopia scene:


And here is the storyboard one of my teens drew of the Cornucopia scene:


storyboard2 storyboard3 storyboard4

Pretty neat huh? To see the film version of that scene don’t forget to join us Friday November 22 at 5pm central!