Today an essay I wrote about this really great article by Tunette Powell and the causally racist responses it got when I posted it to the Storytime Underground facebook group got published on Storytime Underground‘s website. It’s a challenge to all of us White educators to think about how, even though none of us want to, we all have internalized racism; and if we really want that to change we need to acknowledge it, and actively work on it. I’m pretty proud of it and really greatful I had a few amazing friends to help me edit it. Please check it out here.

I also want to give a shout-out to Storytime Underground, which is an AMAZING resource for early childhood librarians; and also who sought me and other writers this week to engage in this topic when they saw the disparaging comments on facebook.  MAJOR thanks to Amy Koester the Storytime Underground founder, please check out her blog as it’s another incredible resource for librarians and other child care providers!