I made a birthday card for one of our shelfers. One of my co-workers had found a picture of a gameboy birthday card online and asked if I thought I could make one (there were no instructions), and I gave it a shot.

What you need:

  • One piece of construction paper, color of your choosing
  • One 1/2 page print out of a Game Boy
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A black marker
  • A pixelated font or font generator

Fold the construction paper in half, like a hamburger.

Cut out the black pieces of the Game Boy, so: the direction pad, the A key, the B key, the screen, the select button, and the start button. Cut out the middle part of the screen so it’s a window.

Use a word processor and your pixalated font, or your font generator, to write out your card’s message in about the size of the screen’s window. Print it out, trace the outside of the screen (not the inside window, the black outline), cut the message out, then use your glue stick to attach it inside the the screen.

Glue your printed out pieces onto the construction paper at about the same spacing as the Game Boy (have the photo up as reference if you don’t have it memorized, that’s what I did). Then make the speaker holes with your black marker: start with the center, a square of four dots, then draw a square of dots around the last square over and over again until you think it’s about the correct size, then leave the corner dots off the last layer of the dots to give it that rounded look.

Then there’s the inside of the card. Since I had already written happy birthday on the outside I needed a new message… so I went for the contra code:


It’s easy enough to make yourself with arrows and a pixalated font. But I have it formatted correctly in a .doc file so feel free to download it and use it if you want. Cut this piece out so you like the margins and glue it on the right side of the inside of the card.

And BAM that’s it!

Let me know if you have any questions, this is my first tutorial and I’m not sure how clear I was.