I’ve been slacking on posting my displays. Eeek! So here’s the last three I’ve done:


I’d seen a few different examples of color based book displays. I LOVE color coordinated bookshelves (for small personal collections, of course) and also enjoyed the simplistically beautiful idea of a color coordinated book display. AND it was the perfect book display to maintain during the summer, I just walked down the YA shelves and pulled blue books, easy, squeezy, back to SRPeasy!


I made this one mid September. I had been trying to get a teen volunteer to do it since July, as soon as pride month was over, I’m anti-ghettoizing <insert marginalized group here> to their history (or in this case Pride) Month. She came up with the wording, but was always whisked away to a more important job before she could execute it. So I did it. It was colorful. I also included every YA nonfic title I could find, because some kids will be looking for resources beyond narrative.


Here’s the one I just put up today! So while I would have wanted to leave up the Queer display for a full month, kid’s are ALWAYS asking for scary books. With October coming up I thought I’d give myself and the staff a break and meet a very real reader’s advisory need. The web’s easy to make, use a stapler and some yarn, make an x then a +, then spiral another piece of yarn around them. The letters were free hand, that was also easy for me- but I also find free handing block letters easy, so, grain of salt- just draw your block letters and then draw drips coming off the bottom and sides.


Book displays! I love ’em!