If you cared to go back into my display history (It’s easy to do just select “my job: displays” on the pull down menu on the left) you will see that nerd displays are a reoccurring theme in my library career. A fact that did not occur to me when I was putting this display together… I wonder what that reflects about me… However this is the first time that I’ve made a nerdy library display that went along with strictly nerdy themed books, so yeah still a first for me!

I choose like 2 of these books from my own knowledge and memory, but mostly they came from Chicopee Public Library’s Geek Out! Teens & Tech Book List. It’s a long and varied list with books almost any reader would be excited about.

The inspiration for the Pac Man board came from this collection of creative bulletin board ideas. I did it all free hand, except the eyes which were made with a giant hole punch and I printed then cut out the cherries (which ended up being such small and delicate shapes it didn’t save me anytime).