It all started when I set aside some real time to weed the YA nonfiction section. I’ve neglected it more then I should since it’s such a small part of my collection and doesn’t take up too much shelf space. But I finally had some down time over our mellow holiday hours and stopped neglecting my duties as a librarian. Now as one would suspect there were many foolish books that I was thrilled to discard from our collection (an internet safety book from the 1990’s anyone?). However I also discovered quite a few gems, in particular:

Upon posting the above my dear friend commented: “yes def. the only way I got sex info as a teen was the sex section of Barnes and Noble – they almost exclusively had “how to be good at sex” books, so a frank book on sex geared toward teens seems amazing.” Which totally inspired me to make a whole display around that book. Once I got back from New Years I instantly got started work on my “Questions You’d Never Want to Ask Your Parents” display.


It’s fairly simple, I made a giant question mark out of construction paper scraps (you’re welcome environment and library budget), die cut some letters and wrote out the message, die cute some question marks tapped them to string and then tapped them to the ceiling.


For the books I just went through our nonfiction section– again the YA nonfiction section is very small it did not take me a long time– and pulled out things I remembered being curious about as a teen. So queer stuff and sex stuff obviously, but also things about guns, health, bullies, divorce, puberty, siblings with special needs, and depression.

I’m excited about showcasing this part of our collection, but mostly am excited about getting this important information into young folk’s hands. I had to fill in at least four gaps in books that were taken the first day, so I feel like my plan is already working!