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My name is Maggie, and I work as a Teen Services librarian in The PNW. I don’t just want to be a librarian I want to be a radical librarian. I want to do this because I want young people to explore possibilities, stories, and histories that are all too often left off of their reading lists.

As part of my job (and just for fun) I read A LOT of YA and kids books. As a radical reader I analyze them by how they portray race, sexuality, gender, class, authority, and about a million other things.

It occurred to me that as I was doing all this reading and analyzing of kid’s books it might be worth it to write some of this down; to collect list of feminist, anti racist, queer positive, (and hopefully a few other things too) children’s books- for radical and progressive folks trying to find some books for the young people in their lives.

These are my opinions, nothing more, nothing less: If you disagree with statements I make you should comment. Also I’m dyslexic and will misspell things and always get grammar wrong; please read this article and then talk to me about it.

I have also started showcasing programs and book displays I do as part of my job. Some are rad, some are silly, all are fun… for me anyways…

You can search books by age or topic. Right now the topics are incredibly board, that felt smarter to me as to cast a wide net. If this seems problematic to you, or you think I’m leaving a really important topic out right now feel free to tell me what’s up. Also if you have a specific need in mind feel free to holler at me and I can put together suggestions just for ya!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the blog.